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This is a website for Shield of Cardolan (SoC).

We are a raidgroup operating on
Lord of the Rings -online server Gilrain (EU).

Guild News

Summer hols

Grayferth, Jul 26, 11 3:11 AM.
We're currently building a viking ship. Cya in Isengard!

News from the frontlines

Grayferth, May 10, 11 2:19 AM.
Hello Socs!


Now would be a good time to read up on the Reserves -system. If you have signed up, its definately worthwhile to be online and rdy to roll, even if you're not selected for the raidteam for that particular evening. If I'v undestood Naes correctly it even gives some DKP.

Also, some nice lady has subbed our site. That means; no more annoying advertisements! :)

- Gray

Ps. roster will get a spring cleaning soonish. If you find yourself removed for some reason (for example, for having zero attendance), you're welcome to re-apply if you want to get back/start again raiding with SoC.

slight DKP revision

Naesriel, May 8, 11 4:00 PM.
now that we're running OD T2 regularly, it's time to update the DKP cost for the armour pieces. we'd priced the T1 tokens at -100 DKP (1st Age components reset your DKP to 0, regardless of how much or how little you had); but the T2 set is more valuable; so from now on, T2 armour tokens will cost -200 DKP (to a minimum of 0).

Sunday OD Follow-Up

Naesriel, Apr 24, 11 5:40 PM.
disease and poison t1 done.

Nerv_us won a 1st Age symbol; Anugifu and Anodien won armour tokens. nice work all!

Sorting roster

Grayferth, Apr 17, 11 3:19 AM.
Hey all!

Players who havent been actually raiding with SoC and/or havent been seen online in a while (since latest update), have had their membership status changed to Associate.

If you wanna get back in da action, just send Gray or Naes PM here on site or give us a tell in-game.

Reminder to all members: make sure you have our in-game chat channel (see member forum for details) set up on all relevant characters. Also, pls remember all put your lvl-capped, "raid ready" characters into roster-section.

- Gray

Ps. we're kinda still searching for dedicated BURG and RUNE-KEEPER, so if you know someone who might fit our group, feel free to point 'em to this site.
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There are no upcoming events.
SoC is currently not actively recruiting, but there's always room for skilled players who enjoy working together for common goals and having fun with other players while doing so. We're not so interested in recruiting players from kinships that actively raid themselves.
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